I believe that technology can make earth a better place. In my free time I write articles about a variety of topics leaning towards technology, urbanisation & a green earth. And make them accessible and relevant for a broader audienceby Renee van Wesep (90)

Q&A: When did Informtomorrowtech.wordpress.com started  Informtomorrowtech.wordpress.com started in last December of 2016. And planned it around June 2016

Q&A: When do you update?  I update 1-2 times a month on a Thursday. I was on hiatus for a year, but the magazine is published in december 2018 & june 2019, this time around. Pushing dates back to half a year, allows me to pursue other projects

Q&A: What are your webpages or social-media sites? 

These 2 websites about technology, urbanisation & a greener earth: wordpress-site, facebookpage

– My personal Facebook

A couple of hobby landscape CC0 pictures on unsplash.com

Q&A: Which topics do you cover? On this webpage I cover current developments in a variety of technology fields. Many of them are applied across fields. Such as the medical, chemical, fashion, architect and many more

Overview projects 

15 Dec 2016 – now Informtomorrowtech blog

27 Feb 2017 – now Informtomorrowtech quarterly freemium magazine

13 March 2017 – now 20 landscape cc0 photo’s on unsplash.com/@reneevanweseprenee van wesep 04

*Keep in mind articles placed on the website are only for entertainment purposes.